• Rice Protein
Rice Protein

Rice Protein

  • Product description: Rice protei highly nutritious.
Rice protein… highly nutritious.

Hiking’s rice  protein is all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, hypo-allergenic and has an excellent amino acid profile and protein digestibility. The latter as well as its hypo-allergenicity makes it very popular in baby food applications.
Hiking rice protein have a high protein content (>79% ds) is a concentrated rice protein source, with a biological value that is higher than most other plant nutrient sources and is a good protein source for mainstream, as well as gluten-free products.

Hiking rice protein works very well in:
Protein and energy bars
Meal replacement mixes
Baked goods (incl. gluten-free)
Extruded (puffed) cereals

Technical Benefits

Gluten-free, protein enriched cereals
Hiking rice protein is an ideal plant-based protein source for the creation of gluten-free extruded cereals. Our rice protein not only allows you to include significant levels of protein with only limited impact on product expansion rate, it also considerably improves crispness and bowl life.
Tasty protein enrichment
Hiking rice protein can easily be incorporated in protein/energy bars and (gluten free) baked goods to obtain high protein containing products with excellent taste and texture.
Instant mixes boosting nutrition
Thanks to its high protein digestibility and excellent amino acid profile rice protein can easily be used alone or in combination with other protein as protein source in instant nutrition mixes like meal replacement drinks and shakes.
Our experts are happy to help you identify the ideal solution to your specific application requirements. For detailed ingredient information, take a look at our Ingredient Finder.

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